What is the Reggio Emilia Approach?

There a few things that make Moon River Education special. Our flexible curriculum, our individualized support, and what we will talk about today - our parent & teacher training.

Our curriculum relies heavily on the Reggio Emilia Approach, which means we are "Reggio Emilia Inspired." You may have heard of Reggio Emilia and have at least some impression of it, or it may be completely new to you. No matter where you are starting from, our training is designed to meet you where you are, and show you the best way to develop the Reggio teaching practice in your home.

So let's start first with "What exactly is Reggio Emilia?"

Where other early educational theories are named after the person who developed them (i.e., Montessori or Waldorf), Reggio Emilia is actually a town in Italy. This is because it was developed through the work of many people within the community, then turned into an educational theory by Loris Malaguzzi, and is still practiced and perfected in Reggio Emilia to this very day!

So besides giving us all an excellent historical & educational excuse for an Italian vacation, it also provides us with a rich way to interact with our children and teach them to grow & think outside of the traditional. It makes them adaptable, creative, and exploratory.

The Reggio approach sees children as unique, competent, and capable learners with great potential to learn from the environment around them. With the focus on child-led learning it takes a multisensory curriculum and an importance in collaboration to build where their learning journey goes.

Reggio works on the basis of these four principles:

  • Children are the main contributors in the learning process

  • In-depth projects

  • Representational development

  • Collaboration

Moon River Education supplies a curriculum to open the world of child exploration to get in-depth learning with the caregiver as a partner in learning. Your child’s love for learning will grow as developmental milestones are naturally met and conquered.

Our goal is to make you never feel overwhelmed or lost while teaching in this way. We have created tool sheets & quick trainings teaching you to build your own curriculum, how to find the right open-ended question for your reading or activity time, and how to follow your child's interests.

On top of these On Demand tools, for our parents, we also walk you through the curriculum with bi-weekly group meetings, with other parents going through a similar experience as you.

For our Co-Ops & Preschools, we have a specially designed training & check-in program to make sure your team & school are getting the most out of the curriculum.

We love creating these tools and supporting you through your education journey. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, so please reach out in the form below!

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