All About Moon River Parenting

Sarah & Jayson Hamilton

Both Sarah & Jayson have a long history of working with children in early education, child psychology, youth leadership, and counseling.

But when they became parents themselves, a new world opened before their eyes. Suddenly, they were able to see that the fields in which they had worked for 20 years were missing vital support for parents.

Sarah decided early on that she wanted to create a platform that not only provided curriculum for parents at home with littles, but that also provided training & support that both Sarah & Jayson had from their career experience and studies.

That's exactly why Moon River Parenting was formed. 

Moon River Parenting will always strive to:

       Lead Parent Classes, Conversations, and Coaching with the individual needs of Parents & Families in mind

       Provide top quality Reggio Emilia Inspired Curriculum for Parents looking to provide fun & progressive education at home

       Training & Tools to support Caregivers through their at-home teaching experience

       Community to connect parents & caregivers to others going through similar journeys


Sarah Hamilton,
Co-Founder & Operations Guru

Growing up as a passionate art student, Sarah was distraught to see the vital arts programs of schools around the country begin to shutter. This moved her to focus her degree on how to fight for these programs - focusing her studies & training on education, psychology, and art.

Spending time in the classroom with children from K-12, running after-school programs, and leading local youth groups, Sarah began her career dedicated to this fight.

In Los Angeles, Sarah took a shift to focus on Operations, in hopes of one day building her own company to support those in need.

It was when she became a mom, and then an unexpected Stay-at-Home Mom, that she found her new passion: parent support.

Sarah has always felt so lucky that both she & Jayson have this intensive training & experience, she is dedicated to providing that support to other parents.

Sarah runs all things Operations at Moon River Parenting. She is trained in early education and emotional intelligence coaching.

Jayson Hamilton, 
Co-Founder & Education Director

Jayson has worked in Child Psychology & Early Childhood Education for 20 years.

Beginning with a degree in Psychology, Jayson quickly began volunteering with organizations that provided counseling for children who had lost an immediate family member, as well as a special camp for children with ADD & ADHD.

He spent 8 years working in an in-patient psych unit of a Children's Hospital, before moving to Los Angeles and beginning his career in Early Childhood Education.

He has been in the classroom, Director over specialized 4-5 year old Pre-Kindergarten Programs, Assistant Director & Site-Director at four Preschools.

He has taught Parent Education & counseled Preschool Families in-person in 3 states and virtually, as well.

Jayson is a pivotal part off Moon River Parenting, as he is Director of our Moon River Education Curriculum Programs and he serves as our Parent Educator.


Jayson loves working with families either in our Parent Education Group Courses or in our special 1:1 Parent Consultations.

Jayson is trained in 1, 2, 3 Magic, Collaborative Problem Solving, Love and Logic, The Yes Brain, Early Childhood Education, and the Reggio Emilia Approach.