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After years in the Education & Psychology Fields, w

e became parents, and noticed that informative,

personalized support systems for parents weren't the norm across the board. 


What was once just our careers became our passion...


Whether you are a parent of a newborn or a parent of an 8 year old, all parents need a support system that understands their unique family needs.

We invite you to join our Parenting Classes or sign up for regular Coaching Consultations with us!



Are you a parent looking for quality curriculum while your preschooler is at home?


Are you an in-home Preschool or Daycare

looking to develop a new curriculum program?

Check out our Reggio Emilia Inspired Preschool Curriculum!


If you are a Preschool that has a student population greater than 15, this is the place for you!

Our Education Services include Staff Training, Leadership Training, and Speaking Engagements.

Serving Preschools,

Homeschools & Parents


We're so glad you're here!


For our Parents, Homeschoolers, Co-Ops, and In-Home Preschools, Moon River Parenting is your home for Parent Coaching, Reggio Inspired Curriculum & real Community with others going through this parenting & educator journey, just like you!

We have two unique paths to best support you. The first is for our parents that are looking for Parenting Coaching, Consultations, and Classes, or maybe you are just looking for a Preschool Curriculum to help your child grow & thrive at home, with one of our Moon River Education Programs!

Our second option is for parents who are forming a co-op or anyone who has, or will soon have, a small in-home preschool. If you have your own preschool, you may be looking for a curriculum revamp or just curriculum & training to get you started. Our Moon River Education Programs were specifically designed to train your team, provide you with the curriculum material you need, and offer on-going support as you navigate the school year.

For our Traditional Preschools, we offer quality, intensive, and concise Staff & Leadership Training, along with Parenting Engagement Events.


No matter which of our programs you need, we are here to help!

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